Company preventive health care

The aim of company preventive health care is to cooperate with the employer to ensure prevention, including protecting the employees’ health from occupational diseases and other health threats from work and preventing injuries.

The employees are obliged by the Labour Code No. 262/2006 as amended, to undergo a medical examination. According to Act No 20/1966 Coll., on Public Health Care the employer is obliged to ensure company preventive health care facilities and inform the employees about them. The employee is obliged to undergo occupational medical examinations, tests and vaccinations. The choice of the company preventive health care facilities is at the sole discretion of the employer and the employee cannot choose the physician.

Within the framework of company preventive health care, we can secure the following services for you

  • obligatory entry and leaving examinations
  • advisory activities in issues of health protection and assistance
  • professional checks of workplaces
  • monitoring the effect of work and the working conditions on employees’ health
  • preventive examinations obligatory under the currently valid legal regulations and examinations above this framework as required by the employer
  • emergency and follow-up examinations for health reasons
  • systematic examinations during occupational diseases
  • organising first aid and a share of health education and training for employees
  • cooperation with the public health service
  • taking part in analysing sick leave and work injuries

Above-standard health programme Health Day

Comprehensive screening is an ideal means of gaining very detailed information on your state of health – regardless of what is covered by health insurance companies. The check-up combines several examination methods and is primarily aimed at detecting lifestyle, cardiovascular and oncological diseases. The tests are all carried out during a single day right here in our clinic without the need to travel to another workplace.

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At our clinic we accept payments using Unišek, Flexipass and Vitalpass vouchers. We are also part of the Benefit Plus programme. We further offer firms individual programmes for their employees focussed, for instance, on beauty care, various massages and therapy.


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