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We have been working closely with the doctors from Sparta Praha Football Club for over ten years. Among our satisfied clients are many players from AC Sparta Prague and members of its management.

The Laser Centre, which has been part of our department since 1995, specialises in laser surgery and aesthetic dermatology. These procedures are both cosmetic and therapeutic. We are the only place in the Czech Republic to have a contract with a health insurance company for laser treatment of port wine birth marks. We have the most modern medical equipment (Laser Candela GentleLASE, ULTRA Pulse laser COHERENT and Dream Pulse). We provide free consultations.

Procedures carried out

  • Laser depilation
  • Matrix – sublative rejuvenation
  • Laser treatment for acne (removing manifestations, smoothing scars)
  • Laser correction of scars (smoothing, colour unification)
  • Laser treatment of veins, pigment scars, hemangiomas, port wine birth marks, (closing the lumen of small blood vessels – discolouring centres)
  • Laser treatment of the face – laser mask (facial laser treatment using hyaluronic acid and trophogene – skin smoothing, reducing small wrinkles, long-term improvement of skin hydration and quality)
  • Non-invasive laser skin rejuvenation – rejuvenation of the face and neck (laser irradiation, reduction of small wrinkles, skin smoothing and firming)
  • Removal of tattoos, pigmentation (irradiating the site, gradual fading)
  • Laser solution to the problem of overgrown nails (modelling the nail wall by laser to prevent the possibility of recurrence, we do not cut the nails!)
  • Skin rejuvenation using laser dermabrasion – laser resurfacing (smoothing wrinkles, skin smoothing and firming)
  • Removal of pigmented nevi and warts (as an out-patient with a laser, no further check-ups)
  • The application of botulinum toxin (decreases facial wrinkles – firming, slowing the formation of new wrinkles in the treatment area)
  • The application of fillers (lips, nasolabial folds, etc.) – the most modern filling materials
  • Professional skin examination – cosmetic advice centre (assessing skin type, recommending suitable procedures to achieve healthy and beautiful skin)
  • Chemical peeling (applying a weak concentration of acid – rejuvenation, depigmentation, smoothing)
  • Laser treatment for cold sores (shortens healing by 2/3, limits recurrence)
  • Treatment for excessive sweating (restricts the working of the sweat glands using botulinum toxin or laser)
  • Laser bio-stimulation (healing wounds, cold sore treatment, skin treatment)

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