The operating rooms are equipped with the most modern technology, providing a full technical base for fields requiring operations: plastic surgery, orthopaedics and vascular surgery. The operations are also carried out in the framework of single-day surgery, which allows the patient to return home after a few hours.

The most important part of Lékařský dům’s activities consists of the operational programmes on offer in the fields of plastic surgery, orthopaedics and vascular surgery. It requires the use of the most advanced technologies, which, as a modern private clinic, Lékařský dům Praha 7, a.s. has readily available. There are two large operating rooms and three smaller rooms, primarily intended for laser operations. The operating rooms also have a section of comfortable beds. Compared to traditional medicine, the use of modern therapeutic methods, in particular endoscopy, including new technologies (e.g. lasers), allows for a much more sensitive intervention on the patient’s body. This significantly reduces the pain after surgery, thus increasing patient comfort, reduces the time spent in hospital and the time off work. The basic operational methods are endoscopic surgery, arthroscopy, and laser techniques. For most operations, the patient returns to a normal life after 3 – 5 weeks.

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