At most 4 clients can be seen a day. Appointments can be made with the clinic’s secretariat:

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What does the comprehensive examination involve?

The examination starts in the morning with a blood and urine sample. A basic laboratory analysis is made of blood-sedimentation, the blood count, liver tests, the kidneys’ functioning, metabolic parameters (glycaemia, cholesterol, triglycerides). If requested it is possible to extend it to other blood tests.

After a snack, which is included in the price (it is necessary to take the samples on an empty stomach), we carry out a Hemoccult test for occult bleeding in stools – screening for colorectal carcinomas – an envelope for collecting the stool sample in is sent in advance.

An ECG reading is then made and a general practitioner or an internist describes it, then the Lékařský dům specialists carry out an examination – dermatological, neurological, an X-Ray of the chest and a sonograph of the abdomen. To conclude with, a general practitioner assesses the results of each examination, writes out a detailed report and it is sent by registered post to the client. If the values differ from the norm, our workplace can offer you treatment under the leadership of our clinic’s experts and a cooperating hospital (e.g. Královské Vinohrady Teaching Hospital, the Na Františku Hospital)

Laboratory investigation on Health Day

  • blood test: (on an empty stomach) sedimentation, a blood count, liver tests, the working of the kidneys, metabolic parameters (glycaemia, cholesterol incl. HDL, LDL, triglycerides)
  • urine test (necessary to bring a sample of the first urine)
  • stool testing using Hemoccult for occult bleeding – screening for colorectal carcinomas of the large intestine – necessary to pick up an envelope beforehand and follow the instructions to take a sample at home – 3 stool samples.

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